Chasing the Super Pink Moon

Bufflehead at Kawartha Highlands
Super Moon Kawartha Highlands
The super moon over Long Lake

First Attempt

I had been planning this shoot for months. I wanted to get a shot of the moon when the full moon lined up with Long Lake in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. Finally the time had come when the moon was directly above the lake and the skies were clear. It was the day before the actual full moon but I thought I would give it a shot because the forecast for the following morning did not look as promising to be cloud free.

I set out early. The sky was cloud free and the moon was high and bright in the sky when I left. But was it early enough? I had slept through my alarm and did not leave a lot of time to get to my destination. I decided to go any way, I knew there wasn’t a lot of set up for the photo I planned. Basically, just get to the Long Lake access parking lot in Kawartha highlands and set up my camera. Driving to my destination the moon continued to set and soon wasn’t visible at all behind the trees. I drove into the parking lot and I immediately knew I missed the moon. Although I missed the main event, it was a beautiful spring morning so I thought I’d stay and watch the sun rise.

Hoar frost covered most of the vegetation and that is always a good start for a photo. I scrambled a bit to find a spot where the sun would back light some of the frost to really make it shine. I ultimately ended up isolating a small part of the forest with my long lens to capture this photo.

sunlit hoar frost trees in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park
The consolation prize

Second Try

I returned the following morning which was the day the moon was actually full. Everything went exactly as planned. The Moon even lived up to its name and had a slight pink hue for me! While photographing the moon some Bufflehead ducks flew in and hung around until the sun caught them for a photo.

Bufflehead at Kawartha Highlands
Bufflehead take off at first light